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Many ministers would love to have a wider reach with their message.

Catalyst Media does video production, social media marketing, and websites that makes sure your message reaches more people and changes more lives!

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You don’t want to be forgettable.

You have a a message the world needs to hear.  Don’t get lost in the noise of the online world!

Our Services

Video Production

Get the message to your followers on video through live streams, social media and television.

Event Production

Our full video production crew can accommodate as many cameras as you need—all switched live for the audience.



We have produced hundreds of multi-camera livecasts for our clients and are even able to remote guests in to your show!


We will produce your television and social media broadcasts from start to finish.


We can film with our cameras or yours on location.

Catalyst Media has reached millions online for over 15 years.

We understand you have limits in your budget, time and staff. Let us work with your ministry to create engaging video, social media and website content that will reach millions while building your mailing list! 

Who We Work With

Andrew Wommack Ministries
Greg Fritz Ministries
Advance Your Reach
Charis Bible College
Mario Murillo Ministry logo
Lance Wallnau logo - living life at a level 10
Turning Point USA logo
ESS Academy logo
Church for All Nations
Mountain Springs Church
Kurt Owen Ministries
Truth & Liberty Coalition
Carr Real Estate
Wild at Heart
Thomas MacLaren School
West Coast Word Church

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